my family

I love how quirky my family is. My mom, dad, and I went to H-E-B to get some groceries and get some mugs. After we were done running errands we went home. My mom started making our hamburger helper for dinner and then my sister came home from play rehearsals. She really wanted some new loose-leaf tea that my dad got for her when he was out of town. We started our hot pot and made some tea. For dinner at 10:00 we all had various and sundry teas and hamburger helper in our kitchen. What a strange combination of meal, time, and place, but come to think of it what  strange, eclectic, and interesting combination of people our family is. I do love every minute spent with my family.


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Tonight’s post is going to be very short because I am extremely tired. My eyelids are getting heavy and I just finished my homework. 


1. go to school

2. come home

3. take a short nap

4. go to dance

5. go eat

6. come home

7. do homework


That pretty much sums up my day. I hope that is sufficient. 

;0 zzzzz

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Today my mom asked me what I wanted my extra-curricular activities to be. I know for sure I want to do dance, drama, yearbook committee, and Pickwicks (community theater group) if at all possible. I am still undecided about orchestra though. I want to do orchestra because I want to do it year after next. More towards the end of this year I have grown more fond of orchestra because we have concerts and performances and fun events. My mom said that if I want to do orchestra next year then I will have to practice at home. This year I have not practiced that much because I don’t really have time. Next year I don’t think that I will have time especially considering that I am adding on more stuff, although I will have one more elective than usual. I am torn on what to do. When I grow up I want to be able to still play the violin. I am so confused and as for what to do, I am still undecided.

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our lent

A few days ago my mom and I were talking and I told her that I wish we had lent because I would force myself to break some habits that I’ve been meaning to break. She told me that we could have our own lent even though that is not a custom that our religion practices, so tomorrow marks the beginning of our “mock-lent”. My mom is giving up cheese and I have no clue how she is going to be able to survive. I am giving up T.V. (that does not include movies). I have always tried to stop watching so much T.V. but I cannot seem to break the habit. hopefully this will give me more free time to do things that are more stimulating and help me with my homework. I believe in myself and hope that we succeed in our lent. 🙂

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next concert

My cousin, Darden, plays the clarinet and I play the violin. When we were packing up to leave to Van Horn she texted me and asked me to bring my violin and maybe we could play something together. Yesterday we browsed through her music book and found a couple songs written as duets that we decided to play. We practiced for about an hour and 1/2 yesterday and we decided which songs to play; we chose Aura Lee and London Bridge. Today we decided to practice some more then perform the songs in a concert for our families. We set up pillows on the couch with nametags and chocolate on them. We practiced (quietly) right before we performed and then went to the living room, set up our music, and played. I think we did pretty well and so did our families. I like playing my instrument and so does Darden. I love visiting Darden and doing activities with her, and I think that it brings us closer together. I wonder what songs we will play for our next concert.

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what I wrote

Today my dad, my cousin, and I climbed Guadalupe Peak. That is the tallest point in Texas. On the way there my dad was explaining to us about what to expect at the top. He said that there was a book that you sign at the top and that you are supposed to write your name, the date, and something profound. I thought about what to write on the way up. I didn’t know what I was going to put. The hike was kind of steep at first, but then it got better. The view was beautiful and the entire climb was not as hard as I had expected. I love hiking and I will have to go again. To hike to the top of your state or any state makes you feel so triumphant and it is exhilirating. At the top there was a large stainless steel pyramid and at the the very tip was the absolute top of Texas. We took many pictures with our finger touching the very tip. At one point I wanted to touch it with my foot and I tried to kick my leg up but it wasn’t quite high enough so my dad lifted me up and my foot made it. I bet not very many people can say that they’ve touched the top of Texas with their foot. I was happy with what I wrote in the book, but I don’t know if I am going to tell you exactly what I wrote.

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what a shame that is

Today my mom, dad, and I arrived in a very small town, population 2000, where all but 4 members of my extended family lives. There are railroad tracks going right through the middle of town. At about 7 o’clock in the evening my dad and I put some quarters and pennies and nickels and dimes on the tracks. My great aunt owns a video store that is located across the street from the tracks. Trains are constantly coming and going on those tracks. Today was the first time that I had ever seen a military tank in real life because they were boarded on the train. Some times I wonder what is carried on those trains and where the final destination is. One day I want to ride on a train and have the experience of how transportation was before there were planes. Today we were talking in our car on our way here about how people very rarely ride trains any more and how it is all about convenience. If you can get some where in two hours or in two days for about the same price which would you choose? Some times to me getting there is half the fun. As we were picking up quarters from the tracks I was thinking about how some things that have been left in the dust due to new technology, like putting coins on tracks used to be entertainment, and riding a train used to be the way to get some where. To me there is nothing that can replace putting coins on tracks or enjoying the scenery here on the ground.

“I was thinking how nothing lasts, and what a shame that is.”

-Benjamin Button

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