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Nothing ever happens on a Tuesday. Last Tuesday was the same as the one before it and before that one, and so on and so forth…dull. Today is a Tuesday and at least 4 interesting things happened.

1. Another year passed in my dad’s life. It was his 43rd birthday today and it really made me realize how quickly time flies.

2.I got my placement letter in dance for next year and I am in the advanced level 3 instead of the regular level 3. They are splitting it into 2 groups this year ; advanced and regular.

3. I was invited to be on company and received my contract. This letter has been much anticipated and I was exhilarated to finally get it.

4. My mom and I almost got lost on our bikes. As we were drivng through town we became unfamiliar with where we were and needed to get home to meet Dad to regroup before we went to Barnes&Noble.

…You know maybe some things do happen on Tuesdays.


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Yesterday my dance teacher told me that I needed new pointe shoes and we were discussing the type that I needed to order and then she said “…unless y’all happen to be going to the Dallas or Fort Worth area any time soon.”

My mom responded, “As a matter of fact in about 2 weeks we are.”

She told me that there was this place just out side of Dallas called Spotlight Dancewear where they will fit you for your pointe shoes. They have pretty much every brand in every size in every variety and you can just buy your pointe shoes there. She told me that I also needed new toe pads. I am very excited to get new pointe shoes that fit me well and are supportive enough. In case you want to know more their website is . They train all of their apprentices for an entire year. When my dance teacher called me to tell me the website for us to schedule she invited me to do barre/warm-up in the company class this morning at 10 and tomorrow at 12 (incase you don’t know the company is an elite group that participates in many dances that others do not). Today went very good and I am definitely going back tomorrow. Oh, and one last thing… MAN, it feels good to be blogging again!

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Today is the last day of the SOLSC. I am sad but happy all at the same time. : )    : (   As I have been writing I have realized that I “comprehend” the day’s events a little better and I have realized that small epiphanies happen in my life a lot (that’s for you Grandma) more than I had anticipated. Yesterday I was looking for a good quote to put on my last slice for the month. I found this one and I thought it was more than sufficient and I, personally, have found it very true.

“We write to taste life twice, once in the moment and once in retrospection.

                               -Anais Nin

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Today my mom got some hamburger helper and I am trying to slowly, but surely “enhance” my cooking skills. I learned how to make mac-and-cheese a while ago and now hamburger helper. Up next is chicken and dumplings. My sister is a great chef  and sometimes she’ll make us dinner or get it started early for my mom. I was very nervous that I would mess up dinner for the whole family, but it ended up turning out delicious 🙂 . My mom was by my side the whole time and as we progressed I relaxed a little more. I can’t wait until I am able to create food all by myself. Today was a good learning experience. I think that in some ways my cooking endeavor is much like my mom’s computer/technology endeavor. We both are afraid of failure, and don’t realize how small the consequences are. I think that we both have lots to learn in our challenging field, but someday everyone will be amazed by our prowess.

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smelled horrible

Today I finished purging and I  am sooooo happy with my new and improved room. My mom and I painted a flower pot and I purged my closet. We didn’t do much today. For dinner we barbecued turkey burgers and bratwurst (my favorite). We started to barbecue a pork tenderloin but it was pink so my mom put it back of the grill, which was already turned off but still hot. My dad turned it back on to continue to cook it but then we forgot about it and it turned into ash. It was kinda funny but it smelled horrible.

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My mom has this strange obsession with purging rooms once a year and now I am hooked on the cleanliness of a freshly purged room. I went to social studies on Friday and said that I was excited because we were getting new windows and we were going to purge my room. Nobody seemed to know what purging was and I explained that it was when you went through every single drawer, box, closet or any space used for anything on your room and go through the stuff in it and get rid of the things you don’t want any more. There is no inch that is left un-purged. Your room ends up having alot less stuff. Somebody said,

    “So basically cleaning your room.” and I said,

    “No not even. It is much more thorough.” I still don’t think that they got how huge of a deal it is in our house. Today marked the first day of purging and I think I got alot done. I can’t wait to see how much more I accomplish tomorrow!!!

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bugging the heck out of me

Today we rearranged my room and added some new curtains. I am going to redo it this summer but I was ready for a change in my room. I need to hurry because I don’t want to miss the deadline. There is also something in my eye that is bugging the heck out of me.

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